Soaps and Shuttle Lace

January 21, 2010

CTM Continuous Thread Method

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A friend decided to give the TIAS a try and was asking what the CTM is that was mentioned by someone on Jane’s TIAS blog.

CTM is simply a way of winding two shuttles off one ball of thread and keeping the thread in one continous piece.  This keeps there from being ends that need to be worked in later.

Start off by winding shuttle #1 with thread from your ball.  Wind on all that you will need, then start winding the thread for shuttle #2 around the OUTSIDE of shuttle #1.

thread for shuttle 2 is around shuttle 1

Once you have all the thread you need you can cut the thread from the ball and attach to shuttle number 2 and start winding it on.  This gives you a nice long bit of thread to tat with and you only have to worry about the ending threads.  In this case day and and day two – you don’t even have to hide those!!


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  1. OH, I never thought about winding the thread needed for shuttle #2 onto shuttle #1’s outside. I just pull off what I need and hope it doesn’t get all tangled up after I cut it off the ball and start winding on shuttle #2, LOL! It never does get tangled. I guess I hate winding so much I hate to wind something twice. I always like to see different ways people have of doing things because the way I do things won’t necessarily work for someone else and if I know a different way to do it I may not do it that way, but I can share it with someone that it might help in the future.

    Comment by ❦TattingChic — January 21, 2010 @ 11:28 pm |Reply

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