Soaps and Shuttle Lace

February 11, 2010

Knitting class projects

I joined a ladies tea and knitting class a few weeks ago.

Our first project was a dish cloth.  Mine looks more like a kite than a square, but the 2nd half is much better than the first half was. 

Our second project is rather large, a prayer shawl.  Because I am using a modified version on the dish cloth pattern, it is a little easier than it might otherwise be.  I actually have two shawls started at the same time.

The cotton one is coming along nicely.  I am adding a design to the body of the shawl that is similar to the one along the outside edge and it is looking good so far.

cotton shawl in sea mist Peaches and Cream worsted weight yarn

close up of center design

The second shawl is in lace weight alpaca and is just so dainty and pretty.

Lace weight alpaca yarn on size 5 needles

Gauge – lace weight

Yarn Name – Gossamer

Fiber – 100% Superfine Alpaca

Color – Tumeric

Supplier – Yarn Hollow ( )

I really LOVE this yarn.  I bought two skeins (both 4 ozs and 1240 yards) so I would have enough for the shawl I am making.  I may end up with enough for two shawls! 

Close up of the lace weight shawl



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