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February 20, 2010

TIAS Day 10 and 11 – forgot to post!

TIAS Day 10


Things have gotten crazy here at home,  so I have not had much time to update the blog.  

I have finally found some time to get the last two days of the TIAS  posted.  The pic above is from day 10, and the one below is the final day, Day 11. 

Jane’s TIAS was so much fun.  I highly encourage even beginners to give this TIAS a try.  You will learn so much, and get really good at split rings and hiding thread ends!  LOL 

Day 11 of the TIAS All Finished!


January 24, 2010

TIAS Day 8 and Day 9

Day 8

Day 8 of Jane's TIAS

Day 9 is below.  See the split rings we added today for the breast?  I just love this happy little white rooster.  Look how my third thread (red) turned out to be the comb !!  How cool was that?!?!

Day 9 of Jane's TIAS


We have our own pretty roosters running around our farm.  Below is Speckles (snacking on cat food the boys set out for the cats this morning) lol.

Our own De Colores rooster, Speck

All these roosters have me humming the spanish folk song De Colores.

The verse about the rooster goes something like this for the English speaking tatters: from
Sings the rooster
Sings the rooster with his kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri
And the cluck hen with her cara cara cara cara cara
And the baby chicks
And the baby chicks with their pio pio pio pio pi
De Colores and so must all love be
of many bright colors
to make my heart cry
De Colores and so must all love be
of many bright colors
to make my heart cry. is a link to the song that talks about the rooster in spanish.  Just be warned, If you listen to it, I’m sure it will get stuck in your head as well!
De Colores! Shanan

January 21, 2010

CTM Continuous Thread Method

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A friend decided to give the TIAS a try and was asking what the CTM is that was mentioned by someone on Jane’s TIAS blog.

CTM is simply a way of winding two shuttles off one ball of thread and keeping the thread in one continous piece.  This keeps there from being ends that need to be worked in later.

Start off by winding shuttle #1 with thread from your ball.  Wind on all that you will need, then start winding the thread for shuttle #2 around the OUTSIDE of shuttle #1.

thread for shuttle 2 is around shuttle 1

Once you have all the thread you need you can cut the thread from the ball and attach to shuttle number 2 and start winding it on.  This gives you a nice long bit of thread to tat with and you only have to worry about the ending threads.  In this case day and and day two – you don’t even have to hide those!!

January 20, 2010

TIAS Day 7

Pony of many colors??? I have NO CLUE!!!

Here is Day 7 from Jane’s TIAS.  I have some close up views of the very last bit to show the SLT and how she is using it to get us to change colors back to the original color in this piece of the TIAS.

closer view of the SLT

See how the new thread (white) is on top of the old red one?  If you continue tatting a chain the new ds will be white and not red.  If you DNRW and make a ring, the ring will be white also!

The Shoe Lace Trick simply changes the color of your next set of work.

I have taken some pics of how this looks with some yarn so maybe it is easier to see what is being done (tatting with yard is interesting).

See how you just cross the threads like tying your shoes?

Once you cross your threads you can pull it tight.

the crosses threads pulled up snug to the last ds

Then if you continue to make a chain, your color has now changed!  Simple right?!

Presto Change-o New working color!!

January 15, 2010

Tias Day 5

Yup, I’m even more convinced this ia a pretty prancing pony with a pink party hat, ROFL!

Tat it and see day 5

TIAS Day 4

TIAS Day 4

Ok, today is looking more like the head of a pony. If you add the first section it looks like it could be pony mane blowing in the breeze…or….YES! It is a pony wearing a pretty pink party hat!!! That’s it!! A prancing pony in a pink party hat!

TIAS Day 3

TIAS Day 3

If you turn the section from day 3 around it looks like an a little man from mars – see those huge eyes and forehead??

TIAS Day 2

TIAS Day 2

Looks like it could be a wing or maybe hair….hmmmm.

January 9, 2010

TIAS Day #2

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Ok, my camera battery died and I am having to charge it so I scanned this bit from day two.  It is not as crisp of a pic as I would like, but I will try to get a better pic taken later.

I kept wanting to make picots where they don’t belong, then would close the ring before I realized my goof.  Then kept breaking threads when I tried to open the rings back up to untat.  After three or four tries I gave up and left the little p on ring 11  because it was near midnight and I just wanted to go to bed!  At least I remembered not to join to it when I came to ring 14, lol.

TIAS Day 2

Day 2 of Jane’s Tat It And See

What will it be???
Kinda looks like a wing, maybe…if you look at it from the side and half close your eyes.
Or could it be hair??  I have no clue!  Whatever it turns out to be, I think I will make two so it has a friend 🙂

January 8, 2010

TIAS 2010 Day 1

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This is my first attempt at a Tat It And See project and thought I would give Jane Eborall’s  TIAS a try.

It has been fun so far.  Here is my day #1

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